Affiliate and Refferal Programs

Save up to 85% on our favorite magazines

Our latest in our long line of what we can offer you is huge savings on magazines that you are already buying!! Renew your subscription or order a new one.

It couldn't be easier, click on the link, find your favorite magazines and order them:)

ING Direct Refferal

Okay, so we've all heard that guy say it over and over again. "And save YOUR money". It's the ING direct guy. And this is exactly what I'm offering to you. Do you have an ING direct savings account yet? If not, why not? It is seriously one of the best things that I have ever done financially, and they will soon be offering an awesome checking accounts as well.

If you've ever thought about opening an ING direct savings account, now is the time to look into it. Please let me know if you have any questions, I have been pushing these accounts on my family and friends since I opened ours in 1999 to help save for our wedding.

You may be wondering what this has to do with adoption fundraising, other then the fact the I have a separate ING account for adoption savings. For everyone who opens an account that I have referred, they will deposit money into the adoption account. I only have 49 referrals left, so lets see if we can find 49 people and help them save their money!

Just click on this link. If you open your account with $100 or more, you get a $25 sign up bonus. I know this is real because I talked one of the companies that I work for to try our their business savings account and they certainly received the bonus.

Used Book Sales

Yeah, I know. My mother owns a bookstore, and she accepts used books for her used book exchange, which is AWESOME if you live nearby, and/or you want to replace your old books with new used books. But if you want to be paid for your books, and you don't want to get any books to replace the ones you are getting rid of then PLEASE check out this link. All you have to do is type in the ISBN number on your books and they will tell you if they will buy them or not. If so you only need to fill out a simple form, print off the shipping label, box up your books and ship them off. THEY pay the shipping fees, and will pay you through your PayPal account or send you a cheque. Sounds like a pretty good way to pick up a couple of extra bucks in your spring cleaning doesn't it? The added bonus, by using my link you will be helping to bring orphanes and their forever families together.

Here's that link again,